LIFE HAPPENS! Some good, some bad and some confusing.  Many times, we can have a hard time finding viable answers.  Some concerns are repeated cycles that do not end, and others are shocking one time events like sickness, joblessness or accidents.  The situation can become a problem, and life can spin out of control.  Shock or stress can add to the inability of finding solutions.  At this point, without intervention, things can escalate into crisis.  Then, life is compounded with fallout from desparate, chaotic and hopeless decisions.  Intervention is needed for a client-centered, team approach for self awareness, education, and trauma informed resources.

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INTEGRATED HEALTH is transmuting entrenched, polarized thinking beyond the need of self protection.  The stress response when we fail to resolve the situation is fight, flight or freeze.  When we feel threated for our personal safety, we become unable to resolve the situation.  From that upset state the viable options are to retreat from the threat, to do nothing in order to avoid more pain, or attack the source of the pain direclty.  Failure to cope is being trapped in this unresolvable dynamic.   Since everyone is different, the coping mechanisms are different.  With the help of a team solutions can be attainbed by transmuting the situation.  Identifying the core issues, allows for the process of self-discovery & empowerment.


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THE FORMULA FOR LIFE is to learn the cycles and master how to transmute every situation.  When the perspective of all aspects of life are taken into consideration with our personal beliefs, thought and action, empowered decisions can be made.  This process integrates our health, our wellbeing and our life as we journey foward.  Any challenge that could potentially spiral into a chaotic crisis is now seen as an opportunity to create a more authentic, empowered life.  These personal perspective reveals information about changes that need to be made.  This Integrated approach bridges what we want and what we have.

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The best solutions in most things are prevention and early intervenation.  To achieve this there is a need for self awareness and self actualization.

Integrated Health is the ability to live an empowered, balance life that integrates each step we take no matter the challenge that is faced.

Everyone and every situation is different, thus having a team in place with resources is the needed key to make life good again, after a trauma of one kind or another.  The steps to restore Integrated Health are intervention, transmutation and integration.



A concern today is that with the fast pace of radical advancements in every area of life has had some unintended fallout behind the curve of change.   With all the advancements, statistics in life should be better across the board, yet things seem to have spun out of control in the wrong direction.

All people are looking to understand the situation before them, and seek answers.  Some spend hours seeking solutions, to find none.  The concern is many practices are outdated in understanding, theory and inplementation.  The prescribed action plans, protocols and treatments actually could be complicating the situation making viable solutions even harder to find.

Thus, when something throws us off our balance, the best answer is to restore life, as quick as possible.



The new approach is a grass root movement of individual-centered, team-approach to look at the dynamic relationships within the situation, to compare the latest research and to understand by mapping out the best individual approach given all the considerations that will actually make the situation better.

People are not accepting a bandaid or a long term dependence.

What people want is empowered living that restores their best life.



With so many options out there, its hard to find the right solution for a particular situation.  Options can be contradictory or extreme in nature.  If answers are hard to find, Strategic Consulting might be a great option.

Life happens, and the goal is to navigate the challenge.  Sometimes that includes receiving help from others to make a strategic plan, and step by step implementation.  To make that change a coach for a period of time might be the best option.  Making a change can take 3 months, 6 months, and sometimes as long as 9 months to set a good habit.



Life is a journey with peaks and valleys.

Every step of that journey is either aligned with beliefs, or sends life off course.  Life is disempowered when actions are against best interests..

When power is learned,  life is healthy.  This ability to be aware, control and change our selves is our Integrated Health.

Empowerment is being authentic and acting in line with best interests.  When crisis in life  happens, transmute the situation, integrated and be more empowered.

The Ultimate Solution for Integrated Health is Empowerment.

Next Steps...

Look at the team you have in place, the resources and tools you have, and what you are able to do now.  START THERE.  Ask yourself what is the best option, and then, build, step by step, the best path forward in a positive direction!